We believe cross-disciplinary collaboration can drive innovative solutions for aviation sustainability

Fostering Innovation: Collaboration between AI Experts and Aviation Professionals
Airport, Airlines and Manufactures

Pre-event - Saturday, 16 November


Day 1 - Sunday, 17 November

 Welcome Reception Evening

Day 2 - Monday, 18 November

An overview AI in aviation industry:
- How AI can be applied to enhance sustainability efforts in aviation.
- AI Current and Future Developments
- Challenges and Investments

AI-powered air traffic management systems:
- Real-time data analysis and predictive modelling to optimize flight routes and reduce delays.
- Reducing Congestion.
- Successful case studies achieving cost savings and improved sustainability.

AI- and SAF:
- The potential of AI in supporting sustainable aviation fuel adoption.
- How AI can assist in accurately measuring carbon emissions from flights.
- Minimizing fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Evening Reception

Day 3 - Tuesday, 19 November

AI – Regulatory and Security
- Regulatory hurdles and standards for AI adoption in aviation.
- Collaborative approaches involving governments, aviation stakeholders, and AI developers.
- Ethical concerns related to AI decision-making in aviation safety and sustainability.
- Data Security and Privacy in AI-Enabled Aviation Sustainability

AI - Marketing and Passengers
- Using AI to optimize flight scheduling and reduce passenger wait times.
- Personalized travel experiences through AI-driven recommendations and services.

AI - Airliners
- Exploring how AI can optimize aircraft design, interior for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
- Virtual testing and simulations through AI to enhance aerodynamics and reduce energy consumption.
- The role of AI in creating lighter and more sustainable aircraft materials.

1-2-1 Meetings