Pre-event - Tue, 12 September

 18:00 - 21:00             Let’s gather at the world’s famous Raffles Long Bar
                 Green Airliner team will be there.

           Day 1 - Tuesday, 13 September

                 Introduction :

                 Part 1

                 ✈︎  Net Zero - aviation new trend
                 ✈︎ What is an eco-friendly airline?
                 ✈︎ Is climate change the biggest motivation for Aircraft innovation?
                 ✈︎ Is sustainable air travel possible?
                 ✈︎ How realistic is it to have a fleet of “Green” airliners?
                 ✈︎ “Pressure” or “Financial Support”
                 ✈︎ Timeline: Is 10 years too ambitious to achieve Net Zero?
                 ✈︎ Result: How will this impact the customers?

                  Break: All delegates are invite to lunch

                  Part 2

                 ✈︎ Commercial Airlines
                 ✈︎ Operating in “Green” mode
                 ✈︎ How quickly the changes could be done
                 ✈︎ Key stakeholders involved
                 ✈︎ Marketing Campaign

                   1 to 1 Pre-arranged meetings begins

17:45                Drinking Reception on famous Bosphorus Tour

            Day 2 - Wednesday, 14 September

                  Part 1

                  LESS TALK & MORE ACTION

✈︎  Infrastructure requirements

                  ✈︎  Testing the safety and security procedures

                  ✈︎  Key components and sustainable sourcing

                  ✈︎  Competition


                   Private Jets:
                   ✈︎  What is the carbon footprint of private jet travel?

                   ✈︎  Key components and sustainable sourcing
                   ✈︎ Hydrogen or electric powered?

                  Break: All delegates are invite to lunch

                  Part 2

                  Sustainable FUEL

                  ✈︎   What is sustainable fuel ? 
                  ✈︎   Why is it important ?
                  ✈︎   What are the benefits ?
                  ✈︎   How much carbon emission does it save ?

                  ✈︎   How does the cost of Sustainable Aviation fuel compare to traditional jet fuel ?
                  ✈︎   Why aren’t more airlines using SAF?
                  ✈︎   How can we convince the aviation industry to start using SAF ?

                   1 to 1 Pre-arranged meetings begins

                   Your evening to enjoy in Istanbul

21:00               Let’s gather at Zanzibar Bar in Raffles Hotel
                   Green Airliner team will be there

            Day 3 - Thursday, 15 September

09:45                 Arrivals. Refreshments & Briefings

                                            Sight Visit of the Mobility Centre of Turkey

10:45                     Vertical Air Show Demonstrations with appetisers & Premium Hospitality
                  (Air Show Line Up to be announced closer to the event dates)

11:45                Discussions & Networking
                  Group Photos
                  Media Interviews